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Wanting some plinking .22LR

Discussion in 'Ammunition Wanted' started by BlayzinDro, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. BlayzinDro

    BlayzinDro Salem, OR Member

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    School is almost out for my kids and we're almost ready to head for camping trips, except for plinking ammo.
    Looking for the Wal-Fart bricks of Federal.
    Let me know what you have and how much you want for it.
    I am not wanting to pay an outrageous price for ammo that originally costed $18-21.

    Thank you
    (In Salem area)
  2. Dallas Ken

    Dallas Ken Dallas Or. Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I have some 22LR listed in the ammo section that I believe is fair priced....Just thought I would mention it......have a great (Sunny) day.
    I'm in Dallas.


    SOLD ALL MINE YESTERDAY...........and at a very fair price.
  3. Emerald

    Emerald USA Member

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    Is the fair price of ammo what a person paid for it or what it would cost her to replace it? I have some ammo I paid $18 a brick for, but if I sold it, I'd have to replace it at a much higher price to continue shooting. I'm sitting on all this .22LR ammo, and I'd like to help, but selling something here that (a) I could twice as much elsewhere if I wanted to sell and (b) I would never be able to replace at $18-21 per brick makes me think.

    Anyway, I've got ammo I could help you out with, but we'd have to talk about pricing.