Walther PPS 9mm Carry Package

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by RangerEric, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Howdy -

    Testing the waters here, played with a G26 today and was reminded how much I love them.

    I have a Walther PPS 9mm that was purchased new by me approximately 3 months ago. Have put about 200 rounds through it, and carried it occasionally, but has mostly sat in the safe, no finish wear, scratches, etc. It came with a 7 round and an 8 round mag along with the case, fired shell, extra backstrap, paperwork, etc.

    I have since purchased for it a flush-fit 6 round mag, an UBG Canute IWB holster in black leather, and a black leather Galco DMC duel mag carrier.

    Cost of the gun new was $570. Flush fit mag cost me $55, Canute cost me $65 with a 4 week wait, DMC cost me $40, for a total of $730 invested.

    I am looking to sell the carry package for $650. Only trade I would consider at this time is a similar condition 3rd gen Glock 26 9mm, with night sights, extra mags, ammo or cash to even up the value. Not looking to split up the package at this time. Only looking for a face to face transaction somewhere between Portland and Eugene. Pics to follow. Thanks!
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