WA Palma Championship pics from the butts :)

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    On the weekend I worked pulling targets for the Washington Palma Championship at Rattlesnake. I wasn't shooting. Just scoring, marking, pasting, etc, for the shooters who were physically unable to take their turn in the butts. {learned some new words too}

    Anyway, I thought a photo of the target area might be interesting to those who haven't worked down there before.

    The way this works is every time a shot is fired, the target is pulled down and the marker is moved to the new hole. Old hole is patched, orange disk is moved to a position designating score for that shot and then the target is raised. Unless you fumble, the process takes less than 18 seconds.

    The bullet impact area is that scooped out section below the target number. This is where you watch to see if the bullet has gone through your target.

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