WTS OR Vortex Razor GEN II 4.5-27x56

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    SOLD!!!!!Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27x56 with vortex 34mm rings and vortex 34mm bubble level.
    EBR-1C reticle, mrad, .01 mrad per click. Front focal ffp
    Taken out one time for under 10 shots. $1700 comes with box, manual, sunshade, vortex lens caps. Not a scratch on it, perfect condition.

    9390EBCC-0862-4899-AD34-7A300B79A1BA.jpeg F41FD064-0F9C-47D3-B18F-B730AD3BF4E0.jpeg 6D3E75ED-7670-462B-B50E-80C8CC853A1D.jpeg E39CE083-3EBF-455D-AE5A-023B9D725329.jpeg 59D4E64C-D20B-49C3-8246-612670795AC4.jpeg 3988D626-43C2-49F0-A572-D98057A87606.jpeg 24E85275-8D8A-4089-87F8-0EEF4826D79A.jpeg 0CA2C513-D174-4370-A766-90121122DBDF.jpeg
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