VL caseless 22 cal ammo

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    I found three sleeves of 22 cal caseless ammo in an uncles possessions after his demise.
    The packages are labeled VL and have a makers label of Daisy & Heddon.
    There are 29 sleeves of the ammo in clear plastic tubes.
    Anyone that knows of this ammo and it's use please contact me..
    I will post photos as soon as I get my camera up and running.

    As can be seen in the post from Deadeye, this is the stuff I have.
    I would be willing to sell what I have, so if interested, please let me know.
    Thanks everyone for looking. Have a great holiday season if we don't meet again before the 25th..
    Tom in Lebanon, Oregon

    Total price on all three tubes of this ammo will be $25.00, but would require ftf in the Albany/Lebanon area.
    New price is approximately $12.00 per box.
    Respond with a phone number or e-mail address if interested. Tom in Lebanon TKH

    Just went through all of the items in the uncles safe, and found the "air gun" that takes this ammo.
    It is in excellent condition, and will be for sale after the 10th of March. Estate will settle by then, and can start selling things that have no use here.
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    Thats pretty cool stuff
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    The .22VL was a very interesting development, and even now is the most successful caseless cartridge ever made. It's a .22 bullet with a powder charge tacked to the back, the ignition was accomplished by a discharge of pressurized gas from a spring assembly, thus negating the need for a primer. Essentially it was a BB-gun with a smokeless booster.

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