WTS/WTT WA Vietnam era M16A1 clone.

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    Reduced! Clone of a Vietnam-era M16A1, 5.56mm NATO. This rifle was built on a Nodak Spud NDS-16A1 semi auto receiver. The receiver was originally in the white, and was engraved with the GM Hydramatic markings from a picture of a real Hydramatic receiver by Indent Engraving. All aluminum was anodized to match the color of an original hydramatic M16A1. All steel on the rifle was reparkerized, so its appearance is 'as new', just out of production. The push pins, selector switch, and magazine catch are reproductions of Vietnam-era originals (although not correct to an "as produced" Hydramatic) and have the period-correct features and dimples. The top half of the rifle is a 1970's era USGI M16A1 complete barreled upper with a SAK 1/12 USGI chrome lined barrel. The bolt and carrier are early Colt USGI, reparkerized. The rifle has a reproduction 3-prong flash hider. The stock, pistol grip, and handgaurds are USGI M16A1 furniture, hand selected for condition. Overall, the rifle appears as new. It has been fired to ensure functionality and zero after it was built, not more than 40 rounds. It is accurate and reliable. The chrome lined bore is bright and shiny. The rifle comes with four 20-round USGI Colt magazines, M7 bayonet and a complete buttstock cleaning kit. The rifle is all USGI except for the lower receiver, reproduction parts, and a few of the internals, and was assembled and refinished by a certified gunsmith.
    $1325.00 or would be interested in full/partial trades of the following:
    Costa Mesa or Howa produced Armalite AR-180 (may consider the right Sterling package however).
    Armalite AR-180B.
    "Retro" model Armalite AR-10B (may consider other Armalite AR-10 rifles however).
    Armalite M15 series rifles.
    Colt 6450 9mm AR.
    Colt Canada manufactured 6520.
    Daewoo K2.
    Finnish M39 SOV Sniper clone.
    Finnish marked Tokarev SVT-40.
    M1888 Trapdoor Springfield.
    Tikka T3 Lite stainless chambered in 6.5 x 55 or .308.
    Tikka T3 Tactical in .308.
    German Sig 226.
    Sig 320 chambered in 9mm.
    Sig 516 (Gen 2).
    Ruger stainless Birdshead Vaquero chambered in .45 LC.
    U.S, Canadian, British, Australian, Finnish, and German military firearms.
    Factory loaded 5.56 ammunition (M193 spec preferred).
    Thank you for looking!


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    Even though I don't like M16's, this one is Cool
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