WTS/WTT WA Various 7.62x39 plus 2 AK mags

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    226 rounds of 7.62x39.
    This is made up of:
    4 boxes of Norinco
    1 box Sellier & Bellot
    1 box PMC
    3 boxes Russian Surplus marked non-corrosive
    1 ziploc bag of 46 miscellaneous rounds

    1 40-round Master Molder polymer mag
    1 5-round Norinco metal mag

    $40 or best offer.
    Would consider trades for 10mm or .45acp but not much else.

    I'm located in the Renton/South Bellevue area. I'm happy to meet somewhere nearby but not worth driving halfway across the state for such a small amount.

    I don't have my AK any more, went the AR route instead and this stuff has been sitting in my ammo closet long enough and trying to clean up.
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