US Army will not suspend contracts with Al Qaeda-tied companies

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by ATCclears, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Heck why not - they drug the Fort Hood shooting out four years while the POS Hassan receives 05 pay.
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    I just wonder if the US militaries 20,000 M16's and 9mm pistols that were reported stolen from a warehouse in Kuwait earlier this year was part of the deal?
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    Pretty sad huh? yet some think there will be change by voting for one of the two mafia members every four years. There is no money in peace, but there is plenty of money to be made in war.

    Home of the coward, land of the slaves!..... remember that and chant U.S.A--U.S.A at the next sporting event or whatever. Economy is crap, everything you do is being monitored, they want your guns, you have no rights...... I can go on and on. And the funny part is when you slow things down and begin to ask questions, they point their finger at you and call you a conspiracy theorist hahahahaha.

    And to be clear, my comments are in general and not pointed towards the OP or any previous comments.
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    Yep, especially since around that time you started to see a lot of M16s showing up in the FSA videos on Youtube.
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    People who support terror and death are supported by the sheep, cheered on, glorified. People who take the time to think for themselves, seek truth, and share what they find are vilified. It has always been that way.

    One of the truths that are self evident is that here in the USA we have the most worthless excuse for 'TV news reporters' and commentators ever. Cheerleaders for lies, war and death.

    They might as well be broadcasting from the Pentagon. All bought out and controlled by the Euro World Bank Oligarchs just as our politicians are, or at least every important politician.

    They spew their lies and brainwashing nonsense over every homes programming terminal, aka their TV.

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    I agree with everything in your video Burt, but I do wish it were coming from someone other than Tyrell Ventura. If it weren't for his dad, he'd just be another d-bag barista modeling his hair after so many Marvel comics characters.

    Rachel Maddow looks like Jerry Seinfeld in a pant suit. The words I have for her are so offensive that I will not type them here.

    And of course we wouldn't cut ties with Al Qaeda. This is the new America where we punish people for believing in The Constitution and embrace terrorists. We have been arming Al Qaeda for years, but the only thing every O apologist can tell you about is Iran Contra(where we armed people fighting communist Sandinista's, not Al Qaeda). Lies, distraction and pandering is how things work.

    Since the only thing that will come from the other side is some drivel about what President Bush did, I would like to point out that his administration has proved to be traitorous as well(See: Patriot Act). Still, the combined arrogance of 100 Nixon's, 100 Bush's and 100 Reagans do not even scratch the surface of the vile treachery of 1 Obama.

    I wonder if there will even be anyone left to pad the history of this horrible failure with even more lies in 50 years.
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