On my Everyday carry 1911 thread there is a picture of my pistol before it was mine, posing on an 870 done in an Urban Camo. There was a member here who was more curious about it and I found the pics of it.

For your viewing pleasure:

View attachment 199569


If you have any questions, other than how did Dave do that, please contact us for a price quote on your firearm.

There are other pics of an AR pistol that I will post separately another time.

:s0001: That is one fine camo job. I really like the subdued finish. I also like the factory long forearm. It gives it a nicer line IMO. I would sure like to have my own 870 done like the one pictured but I just had it Dura-Coated in Olive Drab on all of the metal. It looks really good but not great like yours.:s0155:
LC- I actually opened your thread first after entering the gunsmithing section. Very impressive.

3 AE- Should you ever decide to change out your finish, just hit us up.


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