Two Days to kill the Gun Bills, Please take action now...

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    Ceasefire is putting presure on the Senators for the last 2 days of possible voting.
    So far there has not been a vote on the gun bills. Please contact the following to take no action on the gun bills: SB 347 K-12 Schools to prohibit concealed in the schools; SB 700 requires Universal background checks, SB: Regulated possession of loaded gun in public buildoings; SB 796 Training standards for chl. Here is the contact information: or 503-986-1600 [minority leader?]
    Sen. or 503-986-1700 [Senate Majority Leader] or 503-986-1704 [Committee chair]

    Please be polite and properly remind them that you are counting on them not to take any action on these gun bills. Please remind them that the bills are ineffective for your own state reason or simkply request that they oppose and/or take no action. Thanks.


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