TV Gun show guys getting in trouble.

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    First it was Will, Now its Richard.

    American Guns' Reality Star Richard Wyatt Arrested on Theft Charge
    By EMILY SHAPIRO April 12, 2015 9:50 PM Good Morning America
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    'American Guns' Reality Star Richard Wyatt Arrested on Theft Charge (ABC News)
    Richard Wyatt, a gun store owner and former star of the reality TV show "American Guns," has turned himself in on an arrest warrant for theft.

    Wyatt, whose Wheat Ridge, Colorado gun store Gunsmoke Guns served as a setting for "American Guns," turned himself in Friday, one day after an arrest warrant was issued for theft from an at risk adult, the Wheat Ridge Police Department said.

    In 2013, a person had consigned "a rare and antique gun collection" with Wyatt, the police reported, and "repeated efforts by the victim at recovering several of the weapons had failed."

    Several of the stolen weapons were recovered at Gunsmoke Guns on March 31, during a search warrant for an unrelated federal investigation, according to police.

    Wyatt was previously the chief of police in Alma, Colorado, and has 22 years of experience in law enforcement, according to The reality show "American Guns," which followed his family at the Gunsmoke Guns store, ran on the Discovery Channel from 2011 to 2012.

    The Wheat Ridge Police Department asks anyone with information about "consignment issues" at Gunsmoke Guns to call the tip line at 303-235-2947.

    It is unknown whether Wyatt has an attorney and he and the store did not respond to requests for comment.
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    It's the Hollywood in them.
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    I am now waiting for Phred on Wild West Alaska to go into Porn.
  4. Deebow

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    This show was hard to watch. Because it was such bullshiznit.
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    Both American Guns and Son's of Guns were NOT doing the gun community any favors. They played to the lefts perceptions of gun owners as immature, blow sump'in up, mullet-heads, and not to the vast majority of actual everyday gun owners. Many gun owners originally watched those shows because they were desperate for a least some sort of gun oriented programming...then quit when they realized they were being made the butt of an anti-gun, elitist, stereotyping joke.
    Both the child molester and the dirty dealing thief fit Hollywood's mold...that's what made them perfect for the jobs they were offered...and are now perfect as Hollywood's "poster boys" for it's perception of America's Gun Culture.

    A primetime program dealing with actual off-the-shelf guns being tested and reviewed, interviews with actual everyday people that had to defend themselves, current laws, ammo development, competition reports, practical shooting tips, maybe a build-along project gun. ...that would be something to watch every week....
    It all can be done without Tannerite, blowing up fridges, Howitzer repairs, or shooting heads off of mannequins...

    ....I'm not holding my breath though.:s0054:
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    That's why people like Hickock45 on YouTube. Honest and real gun shooting "shows".

    Not fake and enjoyable.
  7. raftman

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    Hickok45 is enjoyable, a likeable individual, and is orders of magnitude better than either the Sons of Guns or American Guns, but honest may be something of a stretch in that he's one of those people that tends to like everything he reviews because it gets sent to him for a review. That said if he were on TV, I'd be likely to watch. Even more so if Forgotten Weapons were a TV show.
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    Good shows are out there. Take a look at Gun Stories or The Best Defense on outdoor channel. Down range television. I think it's still Wednesday nights but I don't have cable so I could be wrong.

    But I agree the dumb a%# show give us a bad name.
  9. The Heretic

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    Except for their personal crime issues, I am sure that 99% of the portrayal is what Hollywood told them to do, and they just happily played along because of the money and fame.

    I am sure that Hollywood intentionally portrayed gun owners/etc. this way.

    Hollywood has their view of who gun owners are and how guns should be portrayed in TV. Ever notice that whenever there is any kind of crime show about some murder done with a gun, that no matter where it takes place, there is almost always some mention of whether the gun was "registered" to the suspect or not, even though very few states have gun registration, and even those that do (like California) only have partial registration?
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