I've decided to sell some of my excess brass that I currently have on hand. Prices is .08 each for brass that has been decapped and wet tumbled with stainless pins, it is clean inside and out. Primer pockets are clean with some needing a light scrap to get rid of residue in the corners of the pocket. 40, and 45 are bagged in 100 rd bags, 9mm is in 250 rd bags. All brass should be once fired, with various head stamps. Some of this stuff was range pick up so I can't promise it as once fired but it all looks good. Ready for sizing and loading.

40 S&W $8.00 per 100 rd bag
45 auto large primer $8.00 per 100 rd bag
9mm $20per 250 rd bag

Pic is of 250 9mm brass just to give example of appearance


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