Triton .45 Super 230 and 165 grain

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    Do Not fire this ammo in a compact or sub compact weapon, full size guns only !!!
    You must use either a 20-22 lb recoil spring or a standard 16 lb spring with a heavy
    Recoil Reducer like the “Springco COR-BON model” for hot loads.
    If you want to run “Super” rated ammo you must increase the spring rates, if you
    choose to use a heavy spring without a Reducer, recommend also using a Shock Buff.

    Triton 45 Super 230gr Bonded JHP 1100 fps rated ammo

    Triton 45 Super 165gr Bonded JHP 1400 fps rated ammo

    $20 a box (20 rounds per box)
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