Trade G22 for G21 or NVG Eotech

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    Howdy All,

    I have a G22 on a CCF Race Frame up for trade. I traded a Ruger for it a while back, and have put about 400 rounds through it. I don't recall the previous owner's round count, but it is a great shooter. In addition to the frame, there are some Heinie slant pros atop the slide, and a ghost trigger. As pictured, both backstraps come with it as well, should you prefer a 1911 grip over the Glock grip. Just to put a number on things we'll say it comes with 4 mags, but there are more available (and possibly ammo) depending on what you have to trade on your end. The only thing I am looking for in trade at this time is a gen 3 G21, or an Eotech (NO CLONES!) manufactured in the past 4 years that is NVG compatible. FTF only, preferably in the area of the Long Beach Peninsula, but I will likely be in the I-5 corridor between Longview and Vancouver sometime in the next 2 weeks if you're not in a hurry. Sorry for the crappy pictures, my camera gave up the ghost and Steve Jobs never decided to manufacture the Ipod with a decent camera. Thanks y'all.

    pictures here - drunkensnipe's Library | Photobucket

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