WTT OR Trade Elk Hunter Gold Ring for Rifle

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    If you are into Elk Hunting, and are into Gold, you will dig this ring. It has an elk on profile, with does and volcanoes in the background. A NW hunter theme. Very nice. It cost $1800 in the year 2000 to have it hand made. I want to exchange it for a rifle with a trade value of $600. I am flexible in terms of adding money on my side for something that is obviously more expensive than this ring. If you have something of lower trade value, we can do the opposite. The main thing is that you dig the ring and I dig the rifle.

    The present ring size is 9-1/2, which is about 3/4" (20 mm) diameter. I can have it professionally re-sized, at my expense, so that if fits you perfectly. The thing with this kind of item, like with firearms, is that you have to absolutely dig it. Basically, for this deal to work out, you have to love the ring. If you are an avid Northwest Elk Hunter, this ring will match your lifestyle and the kind of person you are just right.

    Gold Ring Specifications
    • Alloy: 14K
    • Weight: 7.8 grams
    • Make: Custom hand made in Oregon, with NW elk hunter theme - See image

    I am trading this ring as a very well priced, high quality jewelry item. Not for the value of gold. If you shop around for such an item, you will probably agree with my price. I can sell the ring for cash too.

    Trade Ideas
    • Depending on the gun, trade straight across, I add cash or get cash (or ammo, or something else)
    • Ruger Mini 30 or 556
    • AK Rifle
    • AR
    • All metal 10/22
    • Some sort of hunting bolt action rifle
    • A nicely sporterized Mosin
    • Make a proposition for anything else that may be of my interest
    I have plenty of revolvers and pistols, but I may be open to such a firearm if I dig it. I like guns.

    I look forward to doing business with you.:)

    Elk Ring 1.JPG

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