Toshiba Laptop

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    I bought this 2 weeks ago. I bought it to get me outside on the pc because Iam obviously addicted to this site. My wife thought the fresh air would do me good with the wi-fi I can go out on the deck. Well didnt work Im still in my office area in the house. Anyway its brand new been used for 2 hrs tops. I bought it from Best Buy for $500.00. Has everything it came with when I bought it. Its Blue in color, not a single mark on it anywhere. I have all the packaging and the box, I dont throw away anything. I have the receipt and of course it is still under full warranty from Best Buy. Has built in web cam, and wi-fi. It is a model PSLC8U you can just google that and read all the specs. I will either sell it for $450.00 or trade for handguns. I would just return it but they charge like $75.00 restocking fee!!!!!
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