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Oregon Top gun control proposal expected to return after death in 2019 Legislature

They "want to stem the tide of gun death". That's laughable. Focusing on unenforcable laws will make no difference on gun deaths in a state with already low levels of gun violence.

If they wanted to seriously reduce gun deaths then promoting firearm education starting early, combating screen addiction, and fostering a sense of community instead of isolation would make a bigger difference.

Of course we already know that though and the reason for restricting guns has nothing to do with violence.


This made me raise my eyebrows:

"we are used to incremental change"

I wish we could say the same, death by a thousand paper cuts.

Maybe you could make that statement about firearm technology and the lawmakers ability to keep up. We are used to laws being mute a few years after they are introduced.... You know, incremental technological advancements to give us back what we want.

Which I wish I could be more happy about, but all I see is wasted effort for the most part. Imagine the engineering hours spent coming up with new ways to bypass some stupid restriction a politician put in place... Imagine how better spent that effort could have been.

I do a lot of imagining, we probably would be the jetsons by now if it wasnt for beaurocrats.
Another reason to have pro gun legislation drafted in the off season so as to flood the process come next legislative session...

Besides I keep seeing there was a two year deal cut for the business tax to fund education, er pers, er sitting parties special interests...

We’ll need to be more ready and more involved in 2020...



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