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things moving along

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by lstetz, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. lstetz

    lstetz Hamilton NJ New Member

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    hello everyone

    it has been a long time sense i have posted sorry about that, i had been waiting on a friend to get her paperwork done, and it is taking a long time for her to do this, as she is very afraid, as i was with her one time that her husband was pushing her to do this and i said i would do it wtih her thought maybe that would change things but did not, i took my first set of paperwork into the police department, they gave me the form for the fingerprinting and i have to set up that appointment and then take that form back to my police department,

    I then i can start deciding what i need to get ahead of time before i get my gun which is sitting at my trainers office, i need to get a safe, any input on that, was looking at the bulldog ones, also a case to take the gun to and from range, and have no idea what to do in that case.

    ammo- decided how much to get to start with?

    the safe and case i have to get first

    any help would be great, and not sure if mine comes with a case, i would think it does

    Lisa, Hamilton NJ
  2. lazerblazer

    lazerblazer Portland Active Member

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    What type of pistol and use will dictate the ammo quantity and type. Lots of ball ammo to practice with, HP if you want to carry... The more you feed your firearm the better you'll get behind it! Same with the safe what plans do you have? Upgrading to long guns anytime soon... expanding pistol collection...

    More folks will chime in but its best you state your intentions a little more firmly and you'll have a more clear cut answer.
  3. iamme

    iamme Lane County Well-Known Member

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    NJ I believe has some much more strict laws then here, so asking for input on some of these points may not get you a proper answer.

    Safe- one of the smaller finger password safes isn't a bad idea. The case the gun comes in SHOULD be ok for transport- you may need to lock it, etc depending on local laws.
    Hit up Walmart and get one of their bulk packs of ammo in the caliber of your gun, that should be a good start to putting some rounds through it.
  4. bruzer

    bruzer Grants Pass, OR Well-Known Member

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    I would also like to suggest finding a reputable firearms training class and get some actual real firearms training. The internet can be a good source of information but it cannot substitute for actual hands on training.
    Good luck and stay safe,
  5. lstetz

    lstetz Hamilton NJ New Member

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    as soon as all the paperwork comes in i already have plans on takeing a course and have a trainer, i got the gun from him he is a dealer, got a taurus 92 and not able to remember if a case came with it, brand new gun but sold used, i do not like the safes that he uses so i want to get it from some where else,
    I can't wait until everything comes together so that i can start my training and go from there.
    in NJ you can not carry, so that is not an issue it is one of the hardest states to get permits for a gun.
    Lisa, NJ