The Traditions K500 Blunderbuss kit

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    I built my two muzzle loaders about 35 years ago. My first was a percussion lock 50Cal TC Hawken and my second was a flintlock pistol. Those were the days when the kits came rough and required some time to build.

    But I had always been fascinated by the Blunderbuss - a hand held flare muzzle cannon. I had wanted to procure and build a kit but they were SO hard to find, being constantly sold out. Plus they were VERY expensive, especially the ones with a 3-4" bore.

    Then the Traditions K500 Blunderbuss kit came along. They sold out last year before I could get one but I got this year, no problem. I thought I would post my impressions of obtaining and building one:

    Caliber - .54
    Bore - Smooth
    Stock - Solid Beech
    Barrel - Steel
    Lock - Percussion
    Fit/Finish - excellent
    Quality of hardware - excellent
    Ease of assembly - in your sleep

    BUT... what is wrong with the picture above? A percussion lock? You got it.
    This gun needs a Flint Lock - period. Totally anachronistic with a percussion lock.

    I went and bought an RPL-02-F Flintlock (excellent quality) and with minor fitting in the lock well and trigger linkage, it worked fine. And l am here to tell you that it looks MUCH more real!

    I then stained the stock antique mahogany and buffed it out to make it look like it has about a 200 year old patina, And you'll also note that I browned the barrel.

    What do I think? A heck of an easy kit built from quality parts. Just loose the Percussion Lock and it makes an excellent addition to you collection!

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