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I was doing a web search on the marine vet shot in Tucson by police 72 times. It brought me to one of your threads. Being a gun nut whose favorite pass time is trying to put a small piece of lead through a piece of paper from 25 feet to a bed sheet at 3,000 yards I put the search on hold to sign up.

I have been shooting since birth and the only vacation I knew of before leaving home was deer camp. As a teen I could strap my .22 on my bike and go hunting in my home town Vallejo, 30 miles north east of San Francisco. When I was discharged from the army in 1972 returning to California it took only a couple of months to realize it was already well on it's way to becoming the Socialist Republic of Kalifornia with many violations of what the Bill of Rights guaranteed.

So I moved to Arizona where everyone can carry concealed and Barack Obama is a dirty word, as it should be. Him using the excuse of never once doing anything right is not a reason to violate mine, my state's or any other 318 million Americans. His claim he made in Texas 2 weeks ago about how the border has never been safer just validates the old saying 'If his lips are moving.......'

My district none representing representative is Raul Grijalva, you might know him better as MEChA Boy, co-chairman of the American Socialist Party, or the only known rep. to boycott his own state. Just re-elected by less than 2,000 votes in a district with 3,000 illegals registered to vote by one of the many un-American organizations he supports. I just wrote him a letter last week asking how can one take an oath to defend an honor the U. S. Constitution join a party out to destroy the same document. Did he trade his honor and word for his co-chairman position or was he always void of those qualities. I signed it with what I always sign it with, Cockroach. A word he uses of the patriots living with in 70 miles of the border he has tried to disarm and jail for protecting their families and homes against alien invaders.

The border fence does little good if every 2 mile you leave a gap then start another fence 100 yards down from the last one. A lot of the Americans living in that area keep their refrigerators on the outside of their homes to keep the invaders from smashing in their doors in the middle of the night looking for food. Making less arrest along the border doesn't make it safer. It just says, Jan-0 of Noland Security has her goons looking the other way, just ask one. Combined that with the EPA stopping law enforcement with endowment studies on land the invaders have turned into dumps of human waste. Then we have the ACLU along with the obamanation suing our border sheriffs for trying to enforce immigration laws.

We had a local pilot out searching in his plane for a week before finding the thousands of troops obamanation sent. He found them, 6 setting on the U.S. side of the road in the border city of Nogalus. 90% of our law enforcement wounded or killed with a firearm had an illegal pulling the trigger. A lot for nothing more than a traffic stop. Before our x governor took this state from 2 billion in the black to 2 billion in the red with her free give aways and the promise of not having to worry of deportation there was no such thing as home invasion.

Jan-0's free give aways were posted, with gold $ signs on them in all government buildings and post offices. Some of the bribes included were housing, medical, schooling, child care, job training, emergency cash, even free rest homes for the elderly illegals. Every time I pass the food bank they are loading their new trucks with boxes of food. I have been helpless recovering a dime from 2 cars I have had totaled by hit and run illegals. Both caught and let go with out charges filed on crimes that would have had any U. S. citizen serving time and paying fines.

20 million, never in history has an invading force come close to this size. 70 members of Congress are members of the Socialist Party and all the others don't seem to be letting the public in on it. Add to it mass voting fraud and it is a safe bet to say neither party will ever bring this country back to Constitutional rule. The only thing that will is written in the Decleration of Independence. Which brings me back to putting pieces of lead through pieces of paper. Glad to be here.
Glad to have another Patriot ! I am sorry to say things are much the same here in Or. they are voting to give Illegals in state tuition at our colleges how sick is that. 2012 can't come soon enough vote some more out!

welcome to NWF ! well...... i'm mnot going to step into the muddy waters of politics right now , but we do have a thread for it .......... take a look around , and enjoy yourself !!



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