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Finished it up tonight. The rings arrived today. Put on the bsa sweet 22, and boresighted it. I will have to take it out next week and give it a shot or two to see what it can do with the scope when i strech it out to 100yds.

For reference here is what i was able to do with this rifle at 25yds a while back.

my daughter turns 8 in Jan, and son 7 in April. I am hoping after the move this winter i will be able to start them in on shooting in the spring and summer.

rifle is a (if i remember correctly) anschutz jr Achiever 22lr model 1451 made in 87/88.
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Great rifle to start the kids on. I started with an old Savage 67A semi auto with a trigger like pulling your finger thru a jar of peanut butter with a soda can pull tab let off. :s0114: Still, I loved that rifle. Kicked myself in the butt for years for selling it to a friend when I got 10/22 fever. I have found the same rifle used that I bought for nostalgia's sake, but it is not MY FIRST RIFLE.

Tell your kids that no matter how many rifles may come and go in the future, don't sell that first one. They will regret it.
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