The Gun-Control Fight Harry Reid Can’t Win

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    The Gun-Control Fight Harry Reid Can?t Win - Print View - The Daily Beast

    I really hope that nevada will get rid of him.. Or maybe he will make it easy and not go on..
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    A politicians' politician. At 77, it is unlikely he will run again on 2016, when he will be 80.
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    Go to the GOA site and send a letter.


    this is an email alert I rec. from GOA.

    Will the U.S. Follow Germany's Example?
    The country that invented Nazism sets up national gun registry

    Something very instructive just happened in Germany.

    Germany just implemented "a vast registry that details every legal gun owner in the country, along with information about all of their firearms."

    They did this, based on records that, in some cases, "were kept on index cards across what used to be 551 separate local registries."

    Thus, with everyone's name already on an index card (read: 4473 forms) in what was effectively a "universal background check," it was a small step to a national gun registry.

    Not surprisingly, "gun rights groups" in Germany raised no real opposition. "We are used to it," said one.

    Now, in the words of The Washington Post:

    If they are preparing a raid on a house, they can scout the address in the database to be better prepared for what weapons might lie within. Before the database, they could only guess at overall numbers, and finding the weapons registered to a certain address had been laborious.

    Do we need any better indication of why "universal background checks" are the most insidious aspect of Barack Obama’s gun control?

    We know that gun confiscation is the ultimate endgame for many of the gun grabbers on the Left. Consider just a few, recent well-known cases:

    * "Confiscation could be an option," declared New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview (December 27, 2012).

    * "We cannot have big guns out here," said Iowa Rep. Dan Muhlbauer. "Even if you have them, I think we need to start taking them." (Interview with the Iowa Daily Times Herald, December 19, 2012.)

    * "No one is allowed to be armed. We're going to take all the guns," said P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of the New Orleans police, right before several law-enforcement agencies began confiscating the firearms of lawful gun owners in the wake of Hurricane Katrina (2005).

    The task of confiscating guns is much easier when the government has a registration list. And that is the number one reason gun owners should oppose background checks, because they give federal bureaucrats the framework for a national registration system.

    If Obama gets his way, we will be much further down road to giving the Andrew Cuomos of the world the registration lists they need.

    Some liberal gun-grabbers are trying to paint it as "non-controversial." But this hideous provision requiring every American to get the permission of the government before exercising their Second Amendment rights must be stopped.
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    Dingy Harry.
    He couldn't get laid in a red light district in Reno....
    But he would lie to his mama.
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    Harry Reid received an A rating from the NRA. I was surprised to read it.

    In fact with 2 equal quality caliber..... (insert pause here for double entendre attempt at humor) candidates, the NRA did the right thing. They could have endorsed either neither, or both. In the case of the last election, they chose neither. That may be because Reid is pro-gun and they were unsure of Sharon Angle, or who knows why. But an A rating from the NRA has to be sweet for any politician. Have they revised that downward? In either case, here's a bit more of the story form another angle. NRA Now Leans Toward Endorsing Harry Reid | RedState
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    I am still in shock that he got reelected, even with the crazy woman the republicrats got to run against him. I think he knows that if he gives up the guns, he will not get reelected here in the wild west of Nevada.

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