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    I'm reading the February, 2019 magazine from Washington Arms Collectors (WAC), and they are indicating there might be an exemption based on the Federal Curio & Relic (C&R) license. The C&R license allows the license holder to transfer firearms older than 50 years and other specifically-listed firearms without using a dealer FFL.

    Per the WAC, some likely benefits of having your own C&R license:
    • The C&R license holder can purchase a C&R firearm without a NICS check.
    • C&R firearms are for your collection, enter them into your record book, but no registration at State or Federal levels.
    • The C&R license holder can purchase C&R-compatible semi-auto rifles and possibly avoid some of the legislation under I-1639. Do your research on this one though.

    The above is in no way legal advice, but one might want to explore it. One may apply at atf.gov to apply, perhaps a $30 fee.
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    If we make a bunch of threads on this the antis who read it are going to close this lawful path to responsible, federally-licensed firearm ownership. Can we delete or lock this thread?
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    If we locked threads of all the efforts to creatively navigate or avoid laws, we might as well close the section.
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