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My dog can do all that, he just doesn't want to. He's got like, priorities.

An older lady near our house walks one of these dogs and it is an awesome dog. She said she never trained it but it guards her every move and it rarely leaves her side. She is well protected to say the least.
How is yours with young kids?

We don’t have any children but I would not trust him unattended with any children or adults for that matter.

He would be fine with a child if he grew up with it.

A neighbor years ago had a 5 year old daughter with cancer. My dog really warmed up to her and I’ve never seen him so mellow and gentile. He is usually the bull in a china store crashing into everything at 100 mph.

He is very focused and the prey drive is crazy.

He is fine with smaller dogs but larger dogs he precieves as a threat he takes issue with.

Like JamesG posted above, the breed stays close to you and usually stay close unless something or someone runs or screams and then the breed will chase whatever is running.

Overall I’d get another one but the breed isn’t for everyone with the energy level. These dogs need a job to stay focused and busy.
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