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    Thanks for allowing me to be a member of this firearms organization. I am a 42 year old law enforcement officer married with two boy I love more than life. I serve my Lord Jesus Christ daily. I have been a hunter in Alabama since I was seven and I am now introducing the great outdoors to my two boys. I would appreicate some opinions from the experts about a pistol I recently purchased. I bought a Ruger "Security Six" blue, .357 with original grips (something the saleman thought was a big deal) probably just a sales pitch. But I would be most grateful if you all could give me you opinion on what type of revolver this is as far a quality, durability etcetera. I paid 300 for it by the way so thank you very much for any and all information given about this pistol. God bless. Big C
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    Graybay Welcome to the forum!
    Mine shot straight, in fact it shot straighter than my mod 66 duty gun back in the day. I thought I liked that gun [ 4'' S&W Mod 66 SS ] until some guy sold me his 4'' blued security six for ninety dollars. That gun shot well and way better than my S&W. This was back about the late 1970s.
    Welcome to the forum
    Silver Hand
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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for you service to your community.
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    One of my sad moments in life was selling my 4" Security Six in SS, to my brother, I did not want it "out of the family", how did I know he would develop "sometimers" and Forget I wanted to buy it back someday, now he don't remember Where He put it, at least that is His story ;)

    About your Security Six: as long as the cylinder lock up is good, you have a fine revolver, one of their best designs, in my opinion....

    I loaded it from 98 Grain Semi-wad cutters (110 Gr, cast in linotype) to 175 Grain Keith style Wadcutters.... all with an old Lee Loader, I wish I could even get that back!

    the 98 grain SWC was "no recoil" and did rabbits nice... that was on 20 acres I once owned in Republic, WA.

    the 175 Grain Keith style Wadcutters were for the bears in the neighborhood, I was really boondocks then, my nearest neighbor was a Mile in the summer, and for the Winter, my wife said "our nearest neighbor was a Tree" I think she needed more social life.....

    Any way, 175 home cast, was a very stout load for a Four Inch Barrel, but the Security Six did not mind the Roar!

    Uhh, change out those "Factory grips" if you really want to shoot it bunches, A Houge (spelling) grip, wrap around the frame felt nice to my rather larger than normal hands (wedding ring was a size 11)

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    Welcome and thanks for serving! A good, solid revolver! Ditto on upgrading the grips.

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