Taurus Millennium Pro series.. Good gun or bad?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by glockguy, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Soo here's my Question. are the PT140 , 145 or 111 not good guns? cause i see alot of them in toe for sale section. Iv always Thought about buying one cause of the price and they look like they would be a nice carry piece. So I was just curious what people thought of these guns.. Pros cons? :confused:

    Im really torn on Wha Kind of gun to get.. Now that Taxes are coming and I get my bonus from my work I'll have some extra "Fun" money:) Im Picking up a Sig P230 Iv had on Lay away for sure. But Id like to get one more handgun.. preferably a subcompact .40 or even a 9mm
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    I had one, a Taurus Millenium Pro pt140. I bought it new in Philomath, for about $425. I sold it a couple boxes of ammunition later for about $325.

    I liked it. Once I got the hang of the sight picture it was easy to shoot smallish groups. I liked the safety features it came with, and I never had a jam or failure to fire. The finish was nice, and I always thought it was a nifty looking firearm, too.
    Considering it's compact size and short barrel length, it was mild to shoot and fit my hand as well as a pistol in that size range could be expected to.

    My main motivation for selling was money. Money is always a problem for me. It cost money to buy the pistol, and the ammunition. It would've cost more money for the dies and components to reload. It would've cost more money to take the concealed carry class and pay for the permit. Now I had a pistol basically designed for daily carry that I couldn't reload for and didn't have a permit to have in my coat pocket...

    Along the way, I decided maybe I wasn't so worried about being a full-time firearms carrier anyway. I took the money from the sale of that pistol and bought an 1860 Army repro, a powder measure, a can of pyrodex, some percussion caps, and some lead balls. I also got a bullet mold for .44 round balls, two extra main springs, an extra hand spring, a nipple wrench, and a set of chapman gunsmithing screwdrivers. With the remaining money, I bought some belly leather remnants from Oregon Leather Co. and made a holster.

    So, as you see, my quick turn-around had nothing to do with the pistol and eveything to do with me and my financial situation.
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    I had a Mil Pro PT145. It was the first gun I bought myself. I bought it with the intention of using it for concealed carry, but it ended up being a bit to big to carry at work. I ended up selling it and upgrading to a Taurus 1911, which will be used for home defense.

    The only thing I didn't like about the Mil Pro PT 145 was the Heinie Straight 8 sights. I do much better with Novak 3 Dot sights which happen to be on my 1911. Other than that, it worked flawlessly. No jams, no FTE, nothing. I would definitely recommend one for a backup piece.

    As for my concealed carry weapon, I am looking into the new Taurus 738 TCP in .380, or a Kel Tec P3AT.


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  4. Mutoman

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    I have the pt145 millennium pro in stainless. I've put a little over 500 rounds through it and haven't had a jamb as of yet. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's the nature of such a short barrel gun, but if found it not to be a 25yd weapon. I can plink cans pretty well at that yardage, but grouping on paper is an exercise in futility for me.

    If I ever got in a gun fight like on TV, where they shoot 50 yards at the bad guy and hit him between the eyes, I'd be out of luck for accuracy.

    I do love the gun for conceal-carry, and it would do all a fella wanted it to do in a short-range defense situation (which is usually the case in defensive shooting).

    The only mechanical problem I have had with the gun is the clip release malfunctioned early on and would release the clip if the gun was jarred. At first I thought I was hitting the release with my thumb while firing; however, I found by merely hitting the back of the grip, the clip would release from the gun. I switched the release to the right side and it's been fine since. Obviously a faulty part, but I like it on the right side anyway.
  5. gnarkill

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    They are good little guns, you should buy mine its in the for sale section.
  6. deadeye

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    It still functions fine too....:D My .45 millenium functions fine as well.
    I have run all types of ammo from Wolf to gold dots to reloads and no functionality issues at all. These are a great gun for a jacket pocket and are the reason I bought them. Just a little smaller than my Ultra Carry 2 so they fit my leather coat better for riding.
  7. Riot

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    Just make sure they're the Pro-series...
  8. Spad

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    I have the 3rd generation Taurus PT111 and it has functioned flawlessly. One thing is they must be cleaned good before use when new, especially the firing pin channel. The sights take some getting used to. Good pocket gun. Spad

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