Mitch W

I have a Stainless Taurus 941. It's in very good condition. No scratches, no dings. Pretty well taken care of.
Lock up is okay, it's a Taurus, not a S&W :)
I've fired around 30 rounds through it since I purchased (used), with no issues. Its been sitting in the safe for a few years now. It's pretty accurate.
This is just a Internet pic, but mine looks just like it.... I'll post actual pics as soon as possible.

I'm asking $350, open to reasonable offers.
I could add this weapon to others I've posted for a trade, if it will get me a five-seven somehow :)

In Vancouver, no shipping. PM if interested, or if you need more info... better pics, etc. Local FTF only.

Thank you.
BTW: I will be pulling all firearms posts before I-1639 takes effect.

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