Tactical Lithium!

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    Fifteen years ago I bought a "tactical flashlight" for emergencies. It was a Streamlight "Scorpion" with the 123 lithium batteries, said to have a shelf-life of ten years.

    This week I opened the package at last, assuming the batteries must be dead at this late date of the new Century. NOT. They were still fully ready for combat and the light was utterly blinding and powerful, after fifteen years in the closet.

    Later that night, an annoying twit on a loud harley decided to sit and idle his paint-mixer on the corner four stories below me, at least fifty yards away. I focused a tight beam and flashed the light down on him, wagging it from side to side. It was BRIGHT, like a mini-helicopter searchlight. Between the flashing in his rear-view mirrors and the pulsing glow of the red stop sign beside him, he thought he was under attack and stomped the harley into gear and fled!

    That was FUNNY! A TOAST: to lithium batteries!...........................elsullo :laugh:
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    Great lights.

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