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For Sale: 1 Swamp Rat Knife Works M9 Limited Edition, #229. It is 14 3/4" long with a 9" long blade and an actual cutting edge of 8 1/2." Blade is SR101, a proprietary heat-treat of 52100 steel, known for its strength and edge holding ability and is satin finished. The blade has been differentially treated resulting a nice even hammon all the way above the edge. It is .240" thick at the handle, which is black G10.


This knife was a limited release and sold in Spring of 2009. This blade has never been used, carried, or sharpened. It does not come with a sheath other that the cardboard sleeve it was originally shipped in.

This is an exceptionally nice large knife that will give you a lifetime of service. Swamp Rat builds incredibly tough knives and has a lifetime warranty should you be able to seriously damage this blade.

PM me with any questions. US Sales only.

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