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Super accurate 22 magnum??



I went on this quest some time ago when my friend that owns a ranch out in Union, Oregon was going to have a sage-rat competition limited to rimfires. Being on somewhat of a limited budget, but having a Thompson Contender, I settled on ordering a Bullberry custom barrel in .22WMR. True to their guarantee and with the proper ammo it holds under an inch (AVERAGES) reliably. The barrel is .75" in diameter and 23" long.

Ammo: I have tried everything under the sun and always try new stuff ("ballistic tip" type looking bullets, high velocity light bullets, etc.)

The "go-to" recipe? Good ol' Winchester 40g JHP. If you read current and past articles testing ammo or WMR guns, this load always finishes near the top for accuracy, and in most cases it walks on everything. In my Bullberry Contender nothing comes close so far. It is also a reliable killer with projectile expansion AND integrity enough to trust it to shoot through a Coyote's chest. These bullets do NOT "blow up", but mushroom perfectly, delivering shock and penetration.

The rat shoot? (Mind you we had to deliver tails for score and were allowed only 50 shells. A mere "hit" did you no good whatsoever.)

I came in second behind the rancher's kid who built himself a fort blind out of hay bales and borrowed Dad's 40x Remington .22lr. Sat on his keester all morning while I walked mine off.

I commend you on your choice of caliber. A .17HMR guy or two might chime in here for some unknown reason, but I own a nice one of those too and the WMR is a better all-round killer.

The Marlins might shoot better than the Savages (in bolt guns), and the CZ is the high dollar choice.
I should have bought a western classic 57m about 10 years ago when I first saw one and they were in my price range. Really like the color case hardening and the octagon barrel is just sexy.
Thank you sir.

When trying to determine what 22 bolt action rifle I wanted it took me about two years to finally figure that out. I wasn't in a rush but wanted something special. However I finally decided to get serious and spend some time and finally decided to make a decision and against all the common wisdom I started looking at a Cooper. Most advised against it since it would be my first. Anyway I got extremely lucky with this one as I was just in the middle of ordering a Cooper I wanted and some one on another forum recommended this one. One look and I thought it was exactly what I was looking for.


I'm shooting a Ruger American rimfire in .22 mag the heavy barreled one with the laminated stock with a 4x16 vortex scope it shoots very good for a .22 mag.


Mine started as a 17hmr? Ruger 77/17 Racoon that bit my German shorthair on the nose,
wife brought him in SHE was covered in blood, face, throat, and neck. Then I saw the dog blood all down his chest. WHAT HAPPENED ARE YOU OK?
Went out found it 30’ in a fir tree on a 3” limb; shot it four times in the chest behind the shoulder, nothing then it fell, was still alive shot once more....

Sent off to Shilen; drop in 22 mag.
Best shooting rimfire ever.


Owned a Mossberg 151M (.22lr) for a while. It looked like (and maybe was) a training rifle toward the Garand (full stock, etc.)

Accuracy-wise it walked on fat-barreled triggered customized Franken 10-22's all the time.

Traded it for a Siamese Mauser conversion in .45-70 believing I got the better of that deal. Now I wonder.


With proper ammo, the Ruger Precision Rimfire has done exceptionally well in my hands.



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    Great place friendly service always take time to help you, great knowledge of products
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    I've been party to a couple transactions with Steve and he is a great guy to deal with.
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    Purchased two handguns there and have one on consignment now nice folks!
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