Stupidity and an SKS Squib Round

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by nwwoodsman, Nov 25, 2012.

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    In full disclosure I don't take much in life seriously except for firearms. I have zero tolerance for screwing around while shooting. That applies to myself and others shooting with me. I've cut shooting sessions short with people because they did something that was potentially fatal and just plain stupid. That being said, tonight I'm left wondering if it was my stupidity while shooting or the ammo that could have cost me my balls.
    Fully disassembled, cleaned and reassembled my Noricno SKS. Figured the only left to do was go dirty it up again. Went out this afternoon with Herters 154gr soft points. I've never bump fired a rifle before tonight. Held it at my hip and let it buck. Squeezed off 6 rounds without a hitch. Then two more. Call it divine intervention, spider sense, or whatever but this little voice in my head tell me to stop being stupid and check the rifle. I looked down, the bolt was locked open which was odd as there were still two rounds in the magazine. Then I noticed the unburned powder inside the receiver and in the barrel. Held a light inside and the barrel was totally blocked. If I had fired one more shot it's quite possible that I'd be sitting in the ER instead of typing this today. We were able to get the bullet out with a cleaning rod and a hammer.
    Father-in-law said it could have been because the butt wasn't seated completely against my shoulder, interfering with the action maybe causing too much gas to be released and not enough pressure to push the bullet out. Could that be the case? Or is it possible that it's just poor quality Russian ammo causing the problem? Or is this typical SKS commie rifle behavior?
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    Have fired many hundreds of thousands of rounds through SKS's...all types of ammo..only issue was a broken cartridge head once..Easy fix...sounds like Your good sense was in Your back pocket, and You were trying to make a weapon do what it WAS NOT designed to do...These are simple Semi auto weapons..wanna play Rambo, Buy an FA....Butt Chewing complete..Glad Your Guardian Angel was watching over You tonight..
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    Bump firing will NOT cause a squib load. The worst it'll do is cause the rifle to fail to cycle completely, however an 'unsupported stock' has no bearing on whether the powder will burn or not.

    This was just a bad piece of ammo. It was most likely just a weak primer, or bad powder that didn't burn right.

    Don't listen to the guy above me... if you find bump firing fun, do it! Perhaps invest in a little bit better ammo, but there's nothing else I can say about that :)
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    Squib is an ammo problem plain and simple. Glad you were paying attention.
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    I have bump fired guns for a long time, including sks', and never once had a problem with it. My bet would be on the ammo. Glad you are ok.
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    I say ammo issue too....good thing you caught it. I had that happen to me with a kel-tec, only I didn't stop when the gun misfed and the voices in my head started yelling stop (or whatever you want to call that nagging feeling) and instead cleared the jam and continued to fire.....luckily the plastic flexed and gave the pressure somewhere to go, idk what would have happened with an all metal action like an sks.
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    I am surprised the action cycled to lock on a squib round.
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    Squibs can have plenty to push the bolt back, you were very lucky and your sixth sence seems top notch also. I have shot sks for 20 years and never a problem. I have never shot Herters ammo but have had 154gr on my mind lately for the sks to try. The name Herters sets less than well though.

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