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    Thanks to member Porter who posted an AAR on a two day rifle class that we put on a few weeks back, my phone has been a bit active with text and calls from folks wanting more info on the school and upcoming classes in general.

    In talking with those that called, I'm getting a firm line of requests from people that although a set curriculum class is good, people are wanting to see some tailor made classes for folks wanting specific shooting/training skills in areas they feel they lack.

    I have two main reasons for starting this group, 1 - Cost, as have mentioned before...hard to find a two day class under 400.00. 2 - Student driven that even though we do have set curriculum for classes, we are able to take student needs and adapt the class as we go.

    We are in the process of getting the website up, along with scheduling classes for the 2018 year.

    Although most will be two day classes for rifle, pistol, and combat medical, we will be offering group specific classes. These classes are to be determined by a group of students that are looking for a particular area of training. Example, you have family and/or friends that want to come and train with us...lay out what your needs are, the amount of time desired and my team will put together a tailor made class that will cost no more than a regular scheduled class.

    We are looking for what you the student-client want and expect from a training facility. Your past experiences good or bad, and what you'd like to see offered. Either post here or give me a call or text...I'm not very far away from the phone, unless I'm shooting or working on the excavation of the new range.

    Be well all,

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    TECC or TCCC certification is a need that is not offered in the PNW as yet. A two-day class with certification as the goal would be ideal. Better if done in a "combat stress" setting with live fire scenarios.

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