Sticky In Legal/Political For Keeping Tabs on WA/OR Congressfolk

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    Suggestion is that a moderator take charge of creating a thread and providing the first post detailing--simply-- where we're at with individual congress people in the region.

    Members can post comments to update on changes in their representatives rhetoric, support/opposition, etc. with respect to gun laws as replies to letters, public statements and the like come in. The moderator then updates the initial post as time goes on with any changes. Even something as simple as: PRO, CON, ON THE FENCE to designate simply and quickly where these people stand.

    I suspect that if aides and the like study the site and the first thing they see is a constant post showing that we are on them like white on rice, perhaps that will lend a bit of weight to their suspicions that we are in fact all over this latest assault on our rights and are very serious about our commitments to see them legally ousted in coming elections should they decide to go against their oaths.

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