STI slide,Ed Brown barrel,357sig,for non-LDA Para P16-40

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    As the title says,I have an STI slide with a fitted Ed Brown barrel and bushing,chambered in 357sig,this will only fit a NON-LDA Para Hi-cap.I originally got this to match up with the LDA 14.45 I'm selling in the Handguns section,but the LDA and non-LDA slides are different...The barrel worked fine,but the original 14.45 breechface is 45 cal,which presented some extraction issues,so I am giving up on the whole idea...If by some chance you want this challenge,I will lower the prices for a combined purchase...However,for now,I am selling the STI slide/EB barrel assy separate from the LDA 45...Price for the barrel/slide bushing setup is $300 shipped,and will include barrel,bushing,(both EB),STI slide,spring,guide rod,and 2 Para factory hicap 40 cal mags...Thanks for looking...Slide and gun are seen in the pic...


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