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After a quick look for reference, I'd place the market value at around $500 based on all the spare parts, the two original mags, condition, and reliability.
Comes with two factory 6rd mags, one with extended base plate, and when I say spare parts, I mean a lot of them. Hammers, triggers, safeties, ejectors, grips, firing pins, springs, guide rods, screws, mag releases, sears, tons of stuff, anything you would need for a lifetime.
C7B867D8-77D0-455F-8B4E-9215CE79E56E.jpeg 5F8250CA-5416-4D9C-B107-638261FBA12A.jpeg D09AC94B-7AE0-4FC3-B8E3-5C0A2E4BDA42.jpeg
It’s starvel, which afaik is stainless that was half nickelled, half rough sandblasted. This one has been polished up on the rough parts in a past life. It looks really good in person imo.
Starvel is Star's name for electroless nickel-plating. No stainless involved. Star never made a stainless gun. I've never seen a Starvel Star as shiny as this one appears before. It does look good!!
The nickel is plated over copper, over stainless. There are two textures on the starvel finishes, a rougher lower and smooth slide. This one is smooth all around, came this way from the original owner, who polished the textured portion. I have swapped the controls for the other finish out of my batch of parts because it looks good imo.
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I have a Smith & Wesson shield 40… And I could throw in some cash possibly message me if interested
I am currently the owner and in possession of a new (bought Yesterday. The 6th of May, 2020)
of a Beautiful AR Style Semi-Automatic Shotgun.
It is a MKA1919 Match 12Gauge Semi-Automatic Shotgun. A very, very reliable firearm, in regards to In-Home Defense, and is very much so a enjoyable gun to shoot and for outdoor activities. It has original owner records and manual, two 5 Round Magazines, a Gun Lock for safety when not actively being used, ear plugs, 2 Seperate chokes for seperate shells, and the option to modify the gun. Obviously. If you would like photos, pleased feel free to request! Washington being an Open Carry state, I have not and do not posses or possessed a Concealed Carry License. I am seeking to persue so, but I would like to become a little more involved with the lifestyle and hobby of firearms. I believe a Handgun with be much more comfortable for me as a individual! The MKA1919 was purchased at Grays Harbor Guns and Ammo and has original receipts. I was approved to posses firearms via NICS Background Check process, and am awaiting confirmation and validation from the local police department in regards to my federal. I will pass. Am adequate. Thank you for taking your time to read! My contact information is as follows.

Cellular Device open to calls and texts: 360-660-0418
Email Address (Active): [email protected]

Thank you, deeply!!
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