Stainless Mini 14 plus extras!

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Rich7944, Dec 30, 2011.

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    I got this from a friend on trade, took it out and shot some rounds through it (100) and my son didn't care for it so I am getting rid of it. It shoots awsome!
    You can go buy a new one that includes the synthetic stock and one 5 round mag for what I am asking. This rifle does not look like it has been fired a ton, it is well lubed and cleaned. I have taken it completly apart and made sure before we fired it, brought it home and cleaned it again.

    It is in like new shape, serial number starts with a 196 so it is I think a 2004 and has the thicker stainless steel barrel, I am no expert. It comes with all the stuff in the pictures, (the bayonet was added on for effects). You can not buy all this stuff for what I am asking.
    As far as trades, I am not looking for shotguns, hunting rifles or guns that shoot from the shoulder. I would be willing to entertain A nice revolver plus cash or a Glock 19 gen 4 plus cash, Glock 36 plus cash or straight across for a compact 1911 like a Kimber, Colt, Springfield or?????? I prefer to benifit in trade but if you have something I really like you may benifit, who knows.

    Real value of the rifle has to be around eight-fifty I would like to see $700 obo. $650 obo
    If you dissagree then great let me know.

    If you are seriously afraid the zombies are coming, then this may possibly be the gun for you! DO NOT HESITATE GET IT NOW BEFORE THEY GET YOU AND YOURS!
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