* SPF * 1911 Colt Officer's ACP, Lightweight, Enhanced model

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    This is the Lightweight model with the alloy frame.
    It is also the Enhanced model which includes:
    Forward slanting slide seretions.
    Lowered and flared ejection port.
    Lightened hammer.
    Flat top barrel.
    Undercut trigger guard.
    Factory Colt 3 dot sights.

    Includes (2) Colt factory mags.

    It was refinished at some point in it's life and the slide is now a dark blue with a bit of a luster, the frame is a satin black.
    It has the black Pearce soft rubber Kimber type grips on it. I will also include a set of Cocobolo wood grip panels as well as the factory rubber wrap around grip.

    I have carried this weapon daily for years and have shot it extensively for fun and competition.
    It is accurate and reliable. I have never had a malfunction of any type.


    Location is Southwest PDX and I travel to Salem frequently.

    See it here:

    Colt OACP pictures by nedbraden - Photobucket
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