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    Posting this for the benefit of others obtaining a Washington Concealed Pistol License in the Tacoma area.

    On 2/9/15, around 10:30am, I arrived at South Sound 911 in Tacoma to apply for my WA CPL. The lobby was about 75% full. There were 2 windows open and by 11am the 1st window closed, presumably for a lunch break. It remained close for an hour, during which there was only one window open for business.

    By 12:15 (yes, an hour and 45 minute wait) my number was called and the process was very quick, about 5 minutes to hand over the completed application, driver license, and personal check. About 15 minutes later I was called for fingerprinting which took no more than 10 minutes. It was 12:45 when I finally walked out the door.

    Total time for application: 2 hours and 15 minutes

    Application submitted on 2/9/15, the check was cashed on 2/11/15 and the permit arrived on 3/18/2015.

    Total time for permit issuance: 37 days
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    Gosh, that is rather quick, for todays Standard, just one Question...

    How much did you Tip, In Advance to get special treatment?

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    Well they broke the law. They're required to issue within 30 days. I'd write a complaint to their superiors.
    Pacific Pd took longer with my renewal. When I called to ask why, they hung up on me.
    So I sent off a couple of emails. Wouldn't you know it but two days later there was a hand addressed envelope with not only my cpl but my wife's new cpl too. My wife had applied for her renewal less than a week before I sent the emails.
    Apparently one of the guys I emailed got on the police chief's real quick.

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