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    I have to admit, this could be the coolest thing I've done. Here's the lowdown, I took a classic pinup style poster, took a pic of my wife, worked my photoshop magic, and wa-la. I am going to offer this service to anybody interested. For $25, you send me a picture of a lovely lady (ugly ones are ok too) I will make the poster and send it to you. The poster is on high quality satin finish photo paper and it is 24x36 inches. They are beau-tee-ful!

    I will have some classic WWII posters soon that I can do up for the guys in the same fashion. I will have the "I let my M1 do my talking" poster as well as some others.

    Here's the original poster:

    Here's the photo of my wife that I used:

    Here's the final product:

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