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    Beautiful shape Marlin, I bought it from the original owner and he said to have fired less than a box of ammo through it and I have not fired it yet. Rear sight is not factory and is screw adjustable for windage and elevation, appears to be a Williams but I'm not sure. Comes with a Bushnell 1-4 power scope and quick release rings that are both brand new and a weaver base. If your a reloader, I can throw in some brass to go with it, I haven't counted it but there's probably 100-200 pieces.

    This gun is in great shape and I was excited to get it but I just had back surgery and could use some extra cash.

    I'd like to get $425 for the package but that's OBO. I'd like to keep the package together, I don't have anything else to put the scope on. As far as trades go, I would take a part trade. I really miss the P64 I sold a while back and wouldn't mind another one or maybe a Makarov or CZ 82. Would also like some 9x18 or 9x19 ammo, AK 47 mags and ammo, a horizontal shoulder rig for a 4in N frame or a Tyler T grip or boot style grips for a square butt J frame. The only full trade I'd go for would be a 4 5/8 Ruger Super Blackhawk .44mag.

    I'm a little limited in how far I can travel right now because of the surgery, I'm not supposed to spend a lot of time in the car but I will be in Federal Way either this coming weekend or the following weekend, so I could meet down there or on the way. I may get my brother to drive me down to Cabelas while I'm down there too.
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