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  1. bmw2

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    Just a basic Norinco, just the gun and sling, although I have a bunch of wolf I could ad to a trade if necessary. If this has been fired, it hasn't been much, there's still cosmoline in all the nooks and crannies. Trigger guard number doesn't match the rest. Still has the cleanig rod and cleaning kit in the stock. I'm asking $280 cash, a little more on trade value. I'd like to find a nice .22 handgun prefer revolvers(a single six convertible would be nice) but wouldn't mind an auto with a 6in. barrel or something like a p22 or mosquito. Would also like to find a .22 lever action but no single shots. Actually I'm pretty fond of lever actions in general. Open to other offers too. Willing to trade up or down with cash added either way. Oh and I wouldn't mind an AK pistol or WASR. Would also really like to find an ACE stock and receiver block or other quality stock for a stamped AK and a Midwest Industries quad rail for the same.

    I also forgot that I have a Tech Sights peep site for this that's not installed and can included it for $20.

    I'd also like to get my AK duracoated, so if any of the smiths on here are interested, I'd be interested in trading for some work.
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    Where are you located?
  3. Billy 4 HP

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    His profile says Sedro-Woolley which is about 7 miles east of Burlington (Mt. Vernon) area.
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