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Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by bmo, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. bmo

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    ETA 6/21/2013 - Gun is SOLD pending meet

    Item: Sig Sauer P226 9mm W. German
    Condition: Good
    Price: $475 (gun, mags, extra grips and parts kit), +$50 for SRT kit, +$60 for Ameriglo Hackathron night sights
    Trades: Only trade I'm interested in is a like new Aimpoint T1 or H1 with a 2MOA dot. I can add extra magazines, a Galco IWB holster, or cash to even out the trade.
    Location: North Seattle area, but can meet within a reasonable distance

    Info: For sale is my Sig P226 in 9mm made in W. Germany. For you Sig Sauer aficionados, this is a JK ('89) date code. Bought this used so not sure on the total round count, but I have personally put just over 2800rds through it by my last count. No malfunctions to speak of and it still looks like when I got it. Rails were babied with Enos Slide Glide grease and are in good shape. All springs were replaced when I bought it and I also sent the slide over to be refinished at CCR (Cummings Custom Refinishing) for their "House Black" Cera-Hide coating. Has a semi-glossy look. There is some honest holster wear near the muzzle (see pic below), but no rust or pitting. Hate to sell but building AR's is expensive :laugh:

    Gun will come with two Mecgar Anti-Friction coated 18rd magazines, a new P226 spare parts kit (replacement springs, screws, roll pins, recoil spring), and a second set of grips that I stippled. Optional is the Sig SRT kit (short reset trigger) which I will leave installed for an additional $50. Also optional are the Ameriglo Hackathron Night Sights ('12 dated) which are currently installed as seen in the pics below. I'll leave these sights on for an additional $60, otherwise the gun will come with the standard Sig contrast sights. Buyer will also have the option to buy additional NIB Mecgar AFC 18rd mags ($27/ea) and a Galco Royal Guard IWB Holster ($40).

    Terms: Sale will be FTF in WA in the North Seattle area or within a reasonable driving distance. Buyer must have a valid WA DL, CPL, and be willing to fill out a bill of sale for my records only as the gun is papered to me. Send me a PM if interested and thanks for looking :thumbup:

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  2. MrCaprioni

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    WOW what a killer price.
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  3. guitarguy

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    Great Deal. Wish I were closer.
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