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Selling my Hairtrigger Firearms built Universal 10.5" M1 Carbine.

Universal receiver, 10.5" barrel, threaded to 1/2-28 with A2 flash hider, Ultimak rail, two 30 round mags(One has a sticky follower), one 15 round GI mag 378 rounds of factory ammo(200 of S&B, 178 of PMC).

This is an awesome little gun that would make the PERFECT trunk gun with a JPoint or Micro dot on top of the Ultimak rail. Not sure of the weight but she can't be over 5 or 6 lbs.

SOLD. I'm asking $600 for the entire lot. SOLD.

As this is an SBR it is currently on a Form 3 and is sitting cozily in Hairtrigger's safe. Just a reminder that with NFA sales there will be a $50 transfer fee payable to Dan at Hairtrigger Firearms.


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