Mods I will need your help placing this ad in the proper section. You guys know why

I have for sale a unique little .38. This started life as a nickel plated pistol. At some point someone fine bead blasted it. It didn’t remove any nickel coating. The finish is pretty even overall.
It locks up nice and tight. Timing is perfect on it, as well as the trigger pull feels great.

Price is $400
Transfer fee is $10
I can ship this pistol, buyer pays shipping.

41B651E8-7EC4-489B-86FE-FD00937CD737.jpeg 8417A207-A640-46E6-9AFF-F59796DE1892.jpeg 95686890-2DD4-4BCD-91B2-D2CF8FD002B6.jpeg 2FBED4E6-60A4-4E50-ADFE-DFE4B7DDAA60.jpeg

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