DSCF1754.JPG . . . .. SOLD . . . . . $500 cash / Local face to face . Firm on price. Smith & Wesson 39-2 in Nickel in very good condition. 4" barrel - 7 7/16 " overall - 26.5 oz. without mag - Walnut stocks - 2 original magazines (8+1) - action DA / SA. Original box with owners manual and cleaning tool. Plus 2 holsters. Very light use by the original owner and I have fired about 30 to 40 rounds through it. S/N date it to around 1976-77. I didn't want to fire it a lot and take away from the value, so I have used it very little. Any questions send me a message.
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This is one of the few weapons that fits the hand and points like a P-08. I carried one for several years while working undercover in Miami in the mid 70's :cool: and shot it a lot. Customs Inspectors had seized a dozen of them (BNIB) being smuggled out on a Bolivian Air Force cargo plane and I managed to snag one. The Columbians LOVED it! Had lots of offers for it. It shot a tad low but a little off the front sight with a file cured that. Mine was 100% reliable from day one and never failed me with the hollow points and FMJ practice ammo we were shooting at the time. You seldom, if ever see one in this fine condition with the box. GLWS
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Hope you don' mind some added info. When these came out they were a fine gun, the first American double action semi auto and the first semi like it to be issued to cops. They had only one real problem back when they came out, ammo for them sucked. Ammo companies didn't make good effective ammo that was reliable in this gun, the rounds were soft nose lead that was too short and jammed the gun as it dove in the magazine.

Today's ammo will purr like a kitten in these guns compared to the old ammo. It's a fine firearm you have there.


The model 39 was the predissesor to the double stack 59 which was S&W's bid for the military's double stack 9mm. Beretta beat them with the M9.

Seals at the time preferred the 59 and used them with supressors for years.

At least that's what I've read.

I started shooting a blued 39-2 at 4 years old and still have it. It has not failed to function in 37 years of on and off use and it has a higher round count then I can come up with.

If I had the money I'd love to own a nickel version but don't so:


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