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Smart Speakers - Example Alexa


What do you think of an Smart Speaker for an elderly person - specifically my mom?

She is not tech savvy at all - so I'd set it up on her wifi and let it go,
potential to add Smart Outlets in the future.

My In-Laws have one, and like it. I got one 'free' on Prime Day.

I know the security concerns about it listening all the time.

What all can they do with the thing when they do not have a smart phone?


ref: The Best Smart Speakers for 2019
I was barely able to get my mom to use a bare bones non-screen cell phone when she was in her 80's. If we had smart speakers back then I wouldn't have got her one. Too many things can go wrong and she would have probably tried to start religious arguments with it. Plus with grand kids running around and playing games with it, general mayhem would ensue after each visit.
What I wound up getting her was one of those neck pendant emergency call buttons. It worked well and provided peace of mind for the whole family. Now if you want her t:eek: have someone to talk to try a Garmin GPS. It's my preferred traveling companion and it always tells me what I want to hear. ;)


If they will use it? Why not. Tech is great and my Father in Law in on the other side of 90 and loves his tech stuff. Anyone who is safe to be left to live on their own can learn to use it, if they want to.
As for the spying on us? Probably is, for someone like this who cares? I doubt they are plotting anything illegal. Other night Wife and I were out to dinner. She told me a story she read of a woman in CA who impaled herself on a metal straw since they are doing away with plastic straws there. I said, wonder if Amazon sells them yet. Pulled out phone, opened Amazon, typed Me and the screen pops up "Metal Straws". I had never searched for this before, told Wife I had not seen such a thing since we were little kids. So was my phone listening in on our conversation? Makes me wonder. May want to keep the phone out of the bedroom I guess o_O



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