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SKS Project

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Chugger, May 2, 2010.

  1. Chugger

    Chugger Central Oregon Member

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    A while back, I bought an old Chinese Norinco SKS at a pawn shop. It had been partially modernized (ie: bayonet removed; vented hand guard replacing the original wood hand guard; fixed 10 shot magazine replaced with a removable 5 shot). I shot this one for a while and it's a shooter for sure. I decided that it would be fun to update fully (translation: Let’s Bubba the sucker!!). Typically, I would never mess with an original SKS as I think they are a wonderful looking weapon. Missus Chugger has an all matching numbers SKS that is beautiful and shoots like a dream.

    Anyhow, this is what the rifle looked like before I started:

    This where I am at so far:

    The changes are:
    Tapco T6 stock w/ lower rail in Dark Earth color
    Tapco butt pad
    Tapco 20 round removable magazine (I bought 2)
    Tapco “High Visibility” Sight Pin set
    NCStar Pin-on Muzzle Brake
    Hogue Slip-on Handgrip

    The T6 stock came with a composite hand guard, but I have decided to leave it off. I like the look of the vented metal hand guard. Plus, I can use it to grate cheese in a pinch

    The sight pin is not as “High Visibility” as I had hoped. My eyes are just not as sharp as they once were, so I’ll probably swap this pin out for a fiber optic type.

    Some additions I’ll probably add are:
    • A folding bipod that attaches to the unused bayonet lug
    • A folding foregrip to attach to the front rail.
    • Some type of optics and a mount that will still allow for the use of the open sights, probably Choate as I don’t mind drilling and tapping this gun.
    • A sling (suggestions?)





  2. Autonomous

    Autonomous Olympia WA Member

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    Looks like your rifle is shaping up to be bubba tactical for sure. I'm partial to the wooden stocks on SKS's but like you said if it came from a pawn shop already a bit modified the what the H***....
    How does it shoot with the thirty round Tapco mag?
    I would say go regular mil spec nylon web sling...they work great for stabilizing while shooting but then I have restored two SKS's to be closer to the originals....
    Great guns and good luck with your project.