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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by mattg521, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. mattg521


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    I just picked up my first single action.
    It's a Single Six .22 LR /Magnum.
    New Model made in '76. Just over 6" barrel.
    I haven't had a chance to fire it yet. I'm a little in love with it already anyways. Probably too much "Bonanza" as a young un.
    All I have really learned so far is that unlike the old model it is safe to carry with 6 rounds.
    I have also heard it said that all SA revolvers should be loaded "old school" style just to train gun handlers for the possability of handling an older model.
    Any opinions?
    Other important safety / handling tips?
    Interesting trivia relative to this model, era or style of gun?
    Shower me with thine wisdom oh Yoda of the firearms forum.:laugh:
  2. sheepman

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    You only need two accessories for the Single Six, holster and ammo. It is safe to carry fully loaded as the transfer bar blocks the hammer. The ones that I have owned were accurate and nearly indestructible. If you need to disassemble, beyond just removing the cylinder, get some instructions. The two pins (hammer and trigger) do not drive out but are held by interlocking with other parts. Also with the 6.5" barrel 22mag does not give a lot of improvement over 22lr for the extra cost. The single actions also help on ammo cost as they are a little slower to load but I have never seen one that was wore out. Have fun and shoot safe. :)
  3. Spitpatch

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    Howdy, Matt.
    Good Choice.
    I made the same choice for my very first firearm when I got out of the service, and all my guns had been stolen. Self defense, plinking, and hunting: the gun does it all.

    22lr can save you some money while plinking, but my Single Six shoots the Magnums more accurately (the bore diameter is actually designed for the magnum bullet, relying on the deformation by pressure at the rear of the Long Rifle bullet to grasp the rifling).

    Another thing you might want to know, is that a caliber "22 WRF" (Winchester Rim Fire) is actually the identical diameter of a .22 Magnum, and this would allow you to have a milder load. These aren't cheap, but somewhat comparable to Magnums for price. Winchester runs a batch of this obsolete cartridge every few years because there are so many of the old pump 90's and such around that are still working. Also, I think "Aguilar" cartridge corp started running a batch of WRF's.

    Sheepman is on the money about accuracy and durability. Few guns do as well in both departments.
  4. Key-Hay

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    I love mine. 1973 Old Model (that Ruger will never get to put a transfer bar into). It was my first and is very accurate.
  5. orygun

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    Just loading it with five rounds will not prepare you for handling an older model/style of sixgun. There is the proper way to load one of the older guns that makes the difference. "Load one, skip one, load four more. Cock and lower the hammer." That's how you make sure the hammer is down on an empty chamber. While I used to do that with my New Model Flattop, it's only because I was used to that and it evens out the amount of full cylinders in a box of shells. :D

    Unless you have, or believe you will acquire a "traditional" sixgun, just stuff that bad boy full and have fun.

    Sheepman had it right, you only need two things. Just be sure to buy a LOT of ammo, cuz you'll want to shoot the daylights out of this gun!

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