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Simply Rugged Chest Pulley System Problems, Questions.. Poor Customer Service

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by 4Freedom, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. 4Freedom

    4Freedom Boise, Idaho Well-Known Member

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    I purchased one of these a while ago and I was a little bit bigger, about 230lbs and a 38 waist. Despite always having trouble getting this pulley system to fit on me properly, I seem to figure it out, despite not being so happy with its complexity. Now, I have lost weight and leaning down, 200lbs, 34 in waist and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the pulley system to fit on me and thinking maybe I have undergrown (looking for proper term) the chest pulley system. However, on the website I see a real skinny guy who looks like he is half my size fitting into it.

    I tried calling the company and they were not helpful at all. The guy told me to drill or punch some holes first, but then I mentioned that they say they accommodate people from 5,6 130lbs to 6,3 280lbs, etc and then he told me that "Yeah, one size should fit all." After that I became confused and was thinking yes, I must be doing something wrong. He pointed me to a video I already watched, which was not helpful at all, as it doesn't show any step by step instructions or close ups of how the chest pulley system is attached. It merely shows the owner putting the thing on from a distance and it's hard to see how he is attaching the various attachments.

    After being on the phone for about 8 minutes or so the guy just hangs up on me, saying "Sorry, I got other calls, bye". THe customer service at this company is utterly crappy and I don't think, based on customer service alone, that I may ever purchase another holster or product from the company. I have bought several holsters, a belt and pulley system from the guy in the past. I like the quality and craftsmanship of the holsters, but think if he is going to make a more sophisticated product like a pulley system, he should be accommodating to his customers, especially ones who have spent as much money with him as I have. I'm glad I don't treat my customers like the way they do.. If they are busy they could at least say can we get back to you or send us an email, etc, not "Screw you, you are bothering us."

    Does anyone here have the pulley system and can give me any instructions about how to get it on from the opposite side of the shoulder strap? As of now, it appears I don't have enough slack for the belt attachment, but maybe I am not properly connecting it? Or, maybe the one I have is just too big.

    Also, I do see some other chest pulley systems on the market, does anyone have any other chest pulley systems they would suggest that are easier to attach? I would like it if I can find one that I can use with my Simply Rugged holsters for my Ruger 44 mag and my S&W 460 revolvers. That is the one nice thing about the pulley system is you can attach it to various Simply Rugged holsters.

    I do a lot of serious mountain hiking up steep grades and find that chest holster works well for me and allows quick access. After a run-in with a moose and calf in Montana, I was very happy to have my gun quickly accessible in case of a charge as I was hiking up a 4000ft 3mile steep mountain grade. With the 30mph head winds, my pepper spray would have been useless.

    However, I don't think my Chest pulley system is working for me and always found the adjustments very awkward.

    I appreciate suggestions or help.
  2. 4Freedom

    4Freedom Boise, Idaho Well-Known Member

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    I've been looking at these Double D Chest Pulley systems and they are looking a lot nicer and simpler to me with the nylon strap versus a leather belt adjustment. Anybody, have any experience with these chest systems? The people on the phone were also pretty friendly and helpful in answering my questions.

  3. bwchase

    bwchase Pacific City Active Member

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    Have two holsters and the chesty pull system. Abit of trouble adjusting right at first, but finally figured it out.
    Did take a picture of the 44 mag hostler rigged up before changing to smaller holster.
    Glad I did! When adjusted it is a great system, saw several hikers with them on trails in Alaska. I change to 1911 in the northwest.
    He had one video on the website that helped me last summer.
    Good luck.
    You are right about the bear spray, need to use one hand for the canister and if wind is blowing....
    Holster, see bear, hand on gun.
    Lots of practice draw and fire to be ready.