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    Project: Sidebar Improvements

    At the moment, the top right area of the site is cluttered and confusing. Working toward simplify the site as much as possible, we're going to be testing a new sidebar layout.

    Goal 1: Better assist members, with clearer, easier to understand directions.
    Goal 2: Encourage members to learn and explore their account settings, allowing them to customize the way the site works for them.


    This white box is called the sidebar visitor panel, which includes the user avatar, the username (which links to the user's member card), and a few stats.


    This tab is called the account visitor tab.


    When you hover your cursor over the tab, the user account menu is displayed. This menu contains many important links to account options and information.


    Note that the top portion of this menu is nearly identical to the sidebar visitor panel, and simply requires the user hover over the account visitor tab for access.

    By removing the sidebar visitor panel and re-arranging the sidebar information blocks, we've eliminated this duplicate functionality. This frees up valuable space for us to add future content, such as upcoming calendar events, action alerts, etc. As we explore which sidebar blocks work best in which order, these may change.


    If you have any questions, feel free to ask here :)
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